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What about our youth? Are we checking in with our pre-teens and young adults? How are they feeling about all the recent events happening in our communities? How are they feeling about the end o...

January 15, 2019

Merry Consumerism
Shopping Smart is a Gift

If the mayhem of Black Friday has taught us anything, it’s that people LOVE a bargain! Willing to camp out on the concrete for the latest phone or coolest game, psychotic - just playing, I mean savvy shoppers venture out on Tha...

Math Class or Shopping Spree? You Decide.

     On January 8th, every student in my 7th grade math class skipped school to go to the mall! Kidding, not kidding. Actually, math followed them to the mall, where hands-on learning was both priceless and on sale!


December 3, 2018

Interdisciplinary Transformation Day: It’s All Greek to Me

Everyone knows students believe - with every fiber of their being - that Halloween should be a school holiday. Just because it’s not, doesn’t mean we didn’t dress up, have a blast (treat,) and cram in a whole lo...

November 16, 2018

Which of these was made to twirl? The hula hoop OR this gorgeous green floral ruffle dress from Free People? That’s easy- BOTH. Next question: What type of transformation would we need to use to make both our hula hoop and our runway model spin like a top? You guessed...

November 11, 2018


Looking for a way to spark your students’ interest in math? Check out this lesson that I taught for the #RockYourSchool event sponsored by Get Your Teach On!

On September 20th, teachers from coast to coast taught unique and innovat...

Looking for an eccentric way to weave geometry into the fabric of real life for you students? This project is sure to silence the “coplanars” and their age old question, “When will I ever use this?” The Geometry in Real Life project applies geometry skills with a new a...

Don’t be obtuse! Every angle is the right angle when wearing acute dress! (Math humor. 😊)

Now, while I’d love to talk only about this gorgeous piece from the Gabrielle Union collection, fashion isn’t the only area into which we’re delving. (Ha! Did it again 😂)



     Looking for a way to put the “rad” back in quadratic? Here’s a crazy-fun and creative way to help your students take ownership in learning and teaching this difficult concept. Anyone can write a catchy jingle t...

Oh man! It looks like our math teacher has become a true scientist and mastered the ability to clone herself!  Either that, or she's just changing personalities as she's sliding down the chairs, (and some of them aren't very nice!)  Translation: Mean Girls! LOL.  No, t...

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