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Blog Title = Math Jonesing: The Mall Math Marathon

Math Class or Shopping Spree? You Decide.

On January 8th, every student in my 7th grade math class skipped school to go to the mall! Kidding, not kidding. Actually, math followed them to the mall, where hands-on learning was both priceless and on sale!

Mall Math Marathon

In my 8th Annual Mall Math Marathon, the RCA class of 2020 invaded the Lenox Mall on a mission! Students worked in teams to complete real life challenges using skills from our consumer math lesson. These savvy shoppers gave 100% of their effort to finding percent-off discounts.

They budgeted like bosses while finding the perfect outfit. They even calculated what the actual “boss” would

pay in commission for their purchases!

As in any marathon, the journey was arduous and the physical demands took their tole. Fortunately for these “matheletes” this course included a food court! Why did the hungry students cross the buffet line? To practice calculating sales tax, of course!

Good thing they refueled, because this course was full of challenging mark-ups and mark-downs. Another “product” of the race included calculating the price per unit of electronic products. Of course, no marathon would be complete without a victory dance at the finish line, and my students did not disappoint!