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Mathematics Songs

"Mathematics is the music of reason." ~ James Joseph Sylvester

Dr. Jones loves creating songs with her students to help them retain mathematical concepts. It is a fun way to bond and explore vocabulary.

Prime Number Song by Dr. Valerie Camille Jones
Divisibility Rules Song by Dr. Valerie Camille Jones and Ryan Marshall

Quadratic Formula Project

x = -b +  sqrt (b^2 - 4ac)

Students were asked to create their own song that helps others memorize the quadratic formula. The song had to use all the elements in the correct order of the quadratic formula.  This project was appropriate for those who enjoyed using their singing talents to express a mathematical principle and/or concept.  Students could work individually or in a group.

Dance Transformation Project

Group dance and instructional videos are included.

Students created an original dance to a piece of music using rotations, translations, dilations, and reflections. Transformations were used to demonstrate movement using their entire body. Students are welcome to use costumes and props to enhance the performance.  An instructional video of the choreography being taught included all group members.  The dance contianed at least twelve specific transformations.

Mathematics Autobiography Project

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms; it is about understanding. ~ William Paul Thurston

Students developed a math autobiography that explained their math experiences, in and out of school, and included their attitude towards math. Projects were presented in a very imaginative way. Students were allowed to give a live performance, construct a model, develop a video or sound recording, etc.  Along with their presentation to the class, students had to additionally submit a one page written portion that explained their math autobiography.

Ron Clark Academy Math Videos

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Math Rocks by Ron Clark Academy
Problems Up by Ron Clark Academy
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