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Dr. Jones loves to promote innovative and engaging ways to teach mathematics. Through her keynote speeches and workshops, she hopes to encourage all those who dream in numbers to share their love and for all who have said “I’m not good at math” to overcome their fears. It is her hope to support all educators help make mathematics a subject that teachers love teaching and students look forward to learning.

Change Math Anxiety to Math Esteem

A student’s performance in math can be heavily related to how he or she feels about mathematics itself.  A person believing that they are not good at math can have a profound and lasting negative impact. This workshop is designed to help teachers find creative ways for learners to develop a positive intrinsic feeling about math.  It will focus on math esteem, building a curiosity in math, and instilling a genuine enjoyment of math problem solving. 

Escape the Math Classroom

Have you ever wanted to just lock your students in your classroom until they have learned the lesson completely? Well, here is your chance:) In this workshop, we will discuss ways you can use a math version of an "Escape the Room" to engage your learners and increase their skills in problem solving, reasoning, logical thinking, and cooperation. Challenges will also incorporate technology using common middle school math topics involving number sense, algebra, and geometry.

Well Played (Gaming Workshop)

Get rid of that pen and paper! Discover ways to reinforce mathematical concepts through the latest gaming technology. Why compete with the video games that students love? Instead, incorporate “edutainment” video games into your lessons. In this workshop, we will play several games aimed to get your students so excited about math that they run to your class every day.


Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. In this session, you will learn how to connect math & science using the latest mobile and student response technology. We will demonstrate how interactive response activities can help teachers save time at the planning, engage students in art & music, and help learning retain the topics introduced in the lesson. STEAM-Y Math shows ways to facilitate a more connected classroom.

Flipping the Math Classroom

This workshop provides an overview of a variety of ways you can transform your mathematics class into a flipped teaching model. We will discuss the free tools you can use to create videos and the best places to find dynamic math video lessons your students will love. Internet and technology access for all learners will also be addressed in detail.

Check out some events featuring @DrVCJones below:

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