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The decision to teach was primarily fueled by my love of mathematics and desire to provide young people with the quality skills and analytical abilities that they could use in a future field or endeavor.   It is my goal to help students develop higher-order, analytical thinking abilities, with a style that is both effective and fun, and dispel the fear that is commonly associated with mathematics. 

As a society, I feel that we must place importance on mathematics.  It should no longer be acceptable for students or adults to have poor mathematical ability.  My goal is to ignite student learning by helping to discover mathematics through their interests and applying their mathematical knowledge to the world outside of school.  I believe that providing these types of connections help students retain information, obtain accountability, and pride in their work.

Teaching Philosophy

I want to encourage my students’ self-esteem in mathematics. I want them to know that they should not be afraid to stand up for their convictions and defend their mathematical logic. I want students to be able to discover concepts keeping in mind that mistakes breed progress and should not be feared. Mistakes make your brain grow!  In an age of information transfer, America needs education to retool its industries with keen analytical thinkers and innovative young minds. Today’s students are visually inclined, dynamic learners, and require a great deal of extrinsic motivation.   I provide my students with the best of both worlds by bestowing meaningful and relevant “life” applications to the mathematical concepts that I teach. I take a personal stake in each student’s education.  I feel responsible for the intellectual, academic, and social development of every student in my charge. I show them that it's okay, mistakes or failures, as long as you learn from your shortcomings. I foster a growth mindset in mathematics education. I seek to show them, by example, that through discipline, perseverance, and practice, they can excel at anything.

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