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More than a Worksheet: The Quadratic Formula Project


Looking for a way to put the “rad” back in quadratic? Here’s a crazy-fun and creative way to help your students take ownership in learning and teaching this difficult concept. Anyone can write a catchy jingle to remember prepositions or U.S. states, but when was the last time you heard the word “quadratic” in a song, much less the whole formula?

In the Quadratic Formula Project, each student taps into their “roots” working individually to create their own song, spoken word piece, or monologue that helps students memorize the quadratic formula. Students become “x-perts” by using all their talents to express this difficult concept in a way that builds camaraderie through the shared experiences of challenge and accomplishment. And while there may be a little song and dance, this is no “X-Factor” talent show!

Each student’s content-rich project must include:

  • A chorus or stanza that only contains the quadratic formula

  • Typed lyrics or script for the entire presentation submitted in a creative way

  • A 1-2 minute live presentation including costumes and/or props

  • Music set to either a student’s own original rhythm or an instrumental version of a popular song

  • At least one verse describing how to use the quadratic formula to solve problems

  • Step-by-step typed explanations for at least two original problems solved using the quadratic formula completely worked out with answers

The use of songs to teach difficult concepts (from elementary to college level) has been widely associated with higher student performance as well as more favorable student attitudes about content and instruction. The potential benefits of students creating their own content-rich songs extend far beyond those of a simple mnemonic device. They include:

  • Enhancement of Recall

  • Reduction of Stress

  • Multi-Modality Delivery

  • Increased Enjoyment

  • In Depth Exploration of Content

Can a worksheet deliver outcomes that “x-traordinary?” Download the full rubric for this project HERE and help your students discover the revelation that the quadratic formula can do more than just feed baby parabolas!


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