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Dr. Jones is also the cofounder of ROCKMath, a celebration of innovative and engaging ways to teach mathematics. ROCKmath is a chance for all those who dream in numbers to share their love and for all who have said “I’m not good at math” to overcome their fears. Founders Dr. Camille Jones and Adam Dovico want teachers to “Teach Like a MATH Star” and show their students that math can come to life in many ways! By using Real-world connections, On-line resources and technology, Cross-curricular integration, and Kinesthetic learning, we can make math the subject that teachers love teaching and students look forward to learning.

Movement & Motion in Math

Experience ways to incorporate Kinesthetic Learning into your math curriculum. Take part in activities like “Bands that Make Math Dance,” “Math, Math Revolution,” the “Transformation Dance,” and more. You’ll leave energized and reflecting on ways to add movement and motion to your math teaching!


$urvivor Math

Students always hear that math is all around you, but how often do we prove that to them? Take part in a Real World workshop with games, activities, and lessons like “Dovicoville,” “Holiday Shopping,” and the “Mall Math Marathon” that take your standards and turn them into engaging lessons. You’ll be able to show your students how math is truly a part of their everyday lives!


Emoji Math Stories

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. The language of emoji has allowed students to speak to each other without using a single word. This workshop shows how to bring written language back into students’ lives through engaging Cross-curricular lessons involving math, technology, and literacy.


Technology Workshop

Learn about ROCKmath’s favorite websites, technology, and apps for teaching mathematics. Have your device ready and get ready to try out new resources for your classroom!

ROCKMath Resources

Doing something awesome with teaching math?

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