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Hi Everyone! How well do you know the English Language? Do you know its many different forms? In this game, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

I have been been playing SMART SPOONS with the students in my classroom since 2004. I love this game and decided to modify it for my students to help perfect their skills. I have shared this edutainment game over the years with teachers all throughout the country. I am so excited that so many teachers have embraced this idea and made it their own.

This resource contains a standard 52 card deck with 2 bonus cards for fun! Just as in the normal spoons game, there are 13 sets of 4 matches. The goal for your learners is to obtain a match of 4 cards with equivalent value. INSTRUCTIONS, an ANSWER KEY, and a BLACK AND WHITE version are included. (30 pages)

I call this game SMART SPOONS because students have to use critical thinking skills to correctly match each set. There are some equivalencies developed to really provide rigor in the classroom.

The Smart Spoons is trademark pending. The trademark application is in its final stages at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

SMART SPOONS: A Game of Figurative Language

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