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Every child can learn math and love it!
I am proud to be a teacher! 🍎 I feel re
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Math Enrichment Camp Survey

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I am a firm believer that 50% of ones performance in math is heavily related to how he or she feels about mathematics itself. If this is true, a person believing that they are not good at math can have a profound and lasting negative impact. To be honest, this negative mentality towards math is all too common and accepted in our society. 

This summer I am offering math enrichment that will focus on MATH ESTEEM, building a curiosity in math and genuine enjoyment of math problem solving.  My goal is to unleash students' potential through exploring creative mathematical concepts, immersing in number sense puzzles, and encouraging a growth mindset through inspiring messages.


PrimeTime Math: Number Sense

Fractions Are your Friends: Fractions Decimals & Percents
Express Yourself with Equations: Expressions and Equations
Graph-matics: Graphing and Linear Equations
Putting You in ‘Shape: Geometry Area & Volume

Camp Size is between 10 -15 students in total.

 CAMP LOCATION: 2430 Herodian Way Atlanta, GA 30080

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